Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is GiftAttorney Pro free?

    GiftAttorney Pro is designed to assist in creating relationships between gift planners and attorneys throughout the nation. The FREE program enables the GiftAttorney and gift planner to start implementing seminars and produce referrals for the GiftAttorney. The seminar and referral program should be started within the first year.

  2. What services are included with GiftAttorney Pro?

    The GiftAttorney Pro will have unlimited, free online client accounts, receive CresLite software, 10 credits for and have access to the online client manager. All of these capabilities will facilitate referrals and the drafting of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives and other documents.

  3. Do clients still pay for these estate planning documents?

    The clients and attorneys will have a normal business relationship. Because of the efficiencies of the GiftLegacy Wills Planner and GiftAttorney Pro, some attorneys may choose to offer discounted rates, but that is a decision made by each GiftAttorney.

  4. What are the requirements for participation in GiftAttorney Pro?

    There are two basic requirements. First, you must be an attorney and member of a state bar association in good standing. Second, you must accept the terms of the GiftAttorney Agreement and agree to include the appropriate client disclosure and waiver language in any client engagement letter or similar document. (A sample letter can be reviewed here).

  5. How can I become a GiftAttorney? What is the approval process?

    You may very easily become a GiftAttorney. Simply sign up online and Crescendo will verify that you are a member in good standing of a state bar association.

  6. Can I be a GiftAttorney in multiple states?

    You may be a GiftAttorney in multiple states provided that you are a member of the bar and in good standing in each state. When donors request access to GiftAttorneys in a given state, your name is eligible to appear on each state list for which you are qualified.

  1. How can I know that I am working with a GiftLegacy charity?

    GiftLegacy charities have a planned giving website with the copyright located in the footer indicating GiftLegacy and Crescendo Interactive, Inc. Your GiftLegacy charity also must elect to use the online Wills Planner so that your clients (their donors) can maintain information and provide you with the necessary data to complete wills and trusts.

  2. If I am working with a charity that is not yet a GiftLegacy charity, how should they contact Crescendo?

    They may call 1-800-858-9154 or visit Crescendo's contact page.

  3. What security arrangements are there for the Wills Planner?

    There are multiple layers of security for the Wills Planner. Crescendo leases space for its primary datacenter from CoreSite. The CoreSite datacenter buildings at One Wilshire in Los Angeles have 24 hour security, multiple internet connections, redundant electrical power generators, regular data backup/restoration procedures and are rated SSAE 16 Type 2. CoreSite requires biometrics (fingerprint) confirmation and access code for engineers to gain entrance to the Crescendo datacenter. Two senior Crescendo engineers have such authorization. There are four types of security for the dedicated server cage leased by Crescendo. The CoreSite datacenter maintains a denial of service defense that monitors incoming traffic. The Crescendo data center has a firewall and two other levels of encryption or layered security. User data is encrypted through individual website SSL certificates and then transmitted over a private network to the database server located behind the layered firewalls. This combination of SSL encryption and layered datacenter security is similar to the system that protects millions of Americans who use online banking. Crescendo also maintains a mirror site at a Phoenix datacenter.

  4. With all the value in GiftAttorney Pro and the referrals produced through seminars or the relationships with GiftLegacy charities, many attorneys will have a substantial new revenue stream.

    GiftAttorney Pro accounts are free. The goal of the GiftAttorney Pro account is to develop a nationwide group of attorneys to assist donors in completing estate documents. Hopefully, many of those donors will leave bequests and charitable trusts for charities.